When it comes to choosing golf clubs, there are two options: the right ones and the wrong ones. In many cases the only place you will see the difference between the two types will be in the club house, when you are counting the number of shots you have played in your round of golf.

A good set of golf clubs will make a world of difference to your game. No, I am not saying that you should buy the most expensive set you can find, but buy the right set, the set that suits YOU best, the set that suits your playing style best.

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The technology used in the golf clubs today is fast becoming so advanced, that the slightest change in design can effect how they feel and play. Manufacturers spend many hours researching and testing the technology that they use, which makes it an important factor to discover as much as you can about the set you would like to purchase.

Read customer reviews and speak to people who use that specific set, and ask them what they think. After all, your best source of information will be people who are using the clubs themselves. They will be the first to tell you the good points, but more importantly, they will also be the first to tell you of any flaws or bad points.

We have a number of articles that will help you choose the best set, and possibly stop you from wasting all your hard earned money, to read these articles, please click here.

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Articles to help you choose the right golf clubs:

What you should know about golf clubs
It is important to understand all the aspects, such as head, shaft and grip, how they will effect you and your game, what will improve your game, and what could destroy your game. Understanding just what effects the way the set will play, will only help you to choose the best.

Customizing your golf clubs to suit your game style

Customizing your set can be a tricky task to undertake. Doing it incorrectly, and you might as well throw your set away and start all over again. So before you waste your money, make sure you understand exactly how it will effect your game.

Golf clubs to Improve your game

Making sure you buy the set that is gong to improve you game can be very important, as each set may be designed to suit a different playing style, sex or even age group.

Clones vs brands – What’s the difference?

What you will need to know about the difference between clone and brand golf clubs, the good and the bad and just exactly how each will effect your game. You may even save your self some money, by going with a clone golf set.

Golf club terminology
The A-Z of Golf club terminology. Make sure you understand all the right terminology.

Making your purchase online

Why would you want to buy online? Find out what you need to be aware of when making your purchase online, and guarantee your privacy and safety and avoid wasting your money.