Callaway Big Bertha Hawk Eye VFT

Supprisingly enough, the Callaway Big Bertha Hawk Eye VFT driver does not perform very well, compared to previouse Callaway Drivers. The Big Bertha Hawk Eye VFT does seems to suit any particular golfer, low handicap or high handicap. Slow swing normal or fast,

it didn’t really make any diference.

However, when you are having a good day, and stricking the ball as sweetly as possible, then the Hawk Eye VFT was sweet, but that was about the only time. If you are not striking the ball dead center, the club has a lousy feel to it.

It seems that the Hawk Eye VFT is optimised for a certain swing speed, a certain amount of power at a particular point and at a particular angle.

Simply for the inability for users to drive consistantly, I am not going to say much more about the Callaway awk Eye VFT except this: If you are a loyal Callaway Club User, and you want to use this club, try this club on at least 3 different days, as it appears that if you are simply stricking the perfectly the club is awesome, if you are not striking it sweetly, well then….


Callaway Steelhead III

The Callaway Steelhead III is a nice club to by if you can not afford one of the more expensive titanuim drivers.

Features of the Callaway Steelhead III :.

* Cast from 100% Stainless Steel & feature VFT (Variable Face Thickness) for greater velocity
* The Steelhead III has a new sole design that has been modeled on the VFT Titanium woods. This new sole is flatter in the middle, with greater radius to the sides. This reduces turf drag making it easier to escape from tricky lies 
* The driver comes out at 225cc and has a deep profile, this makes it very forgiving on off-centre hits
* The fairway woods are fractionally longer from heel to toe increasing the effective hitting area
* The fairway woods also have an advanced 3-piece construction consisting of a cast face and body section, a precision-cast variable weight chip in the sole, and a lightweight crown plate

The only real major downfall of the Steelhead III is that if you swing too hard, the ball hooks and it has one of Callaway’s plastic hosel insert/ferules with may make shaft replacement tough.

The Callaway Steelhead III would suite all golfers looking for beautifully shaped fairway woods, that sit square, and are easy to get up in the air at the optimum