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Taylor Made R360 XD Ti Driver

Taylor Made took a great thing – their popular 360 Ti driver and made it better. Introducing the R360 XD, which puts tour-proven technology to work for you.
The XD stands for “Extra Distance”, thanks to the improved launch conditions that the USGA-conforming R360 XD is engineered to deliver – launch conditions that can produce higher ball speed, longer carry and added yardage.

Taylor Made Mens R360 XD Ti Drivers features:

R360 XD Ti Driver lofts: 8.5° loft • 9.5° loft • 10.5° loft
Available in M70, R80 and S90 shaft flexes
All drivers available in right-hand; 9.5° & 10.5° drivers available in left-hand
The R360 XD Ti Drivers usually retail at around $260.00






Taylor Made R510 TP Driver

An authentic tour product manufactured with the original tour tooling and is the same club that more than 25 professionals on the PGA Tour are playing. Designed by the best players in the world, for the best players in the world.

Taylor Made R510 TP Drivers features:

A new, Tour Preferred (TP) model of the R500 Series Driver
At 390cc, the R510 TP is 60cc larger than the R510
Higher launch angle and lower spin rate than R510
Largest clubface area above the center of gravity of any Taylor Made driver
Inverted Cone Technology and Tuned Weight Cartridge
Exclusive Fujikura Speeder 757 shaft with authentic TP graphics
Exclusive touring professional headcover included with driver.

The R510 TP Drivers usually retail at around $200.00

Taylor Made R580 TP Driver

The R500 Series new COR statute of .830 makes this driver CONFORMING. Due to the fact that the USGA and R&A has put the COR standard back to .830. Added innovative and propriety features like our Tuned Weight Cartridge(TWC) and Motion Analysis Shaft System (M.A.S²) and the result is the most advanced golf club we’ve ever created: a driver that can deliver up to 15 more yards than any you’ve used before.
Coefficient of Restitution (COR): Six Extra Yards

The R500 Series’ Powerframe Technology is the foundation that allowed us to reach the new COR speed limit set at .830. . Utilizing a two-piece face weld, the R500 Series’ clubhead is composed of a high-strength titanium body and a cold-rolled titanium clubface. Manufacturing the clubface separately allows us to make it ultra-thin yet extremely strong, so that it generates a more efficient energy transfer at impact, creating a higher COR.

Taylor Made R580 TP Drivers features:

  • The R580 features the largest size and deepest face of any of the three drivers in the 500 series and was designed for players seeking maximum forgiveness and higher trajectory without added spin for the utmost distance.
  • The head: 400cc; oversize, deep-face design. CAD-optimized center of gravity is positioned low and back to promote high launch angle and reduce spin. Crown lines enhance aiming and shot-consistency. the shaft: M.A.S.² 60 shaft, weighs 60 grams and features a medium tip: this shaft, which is equipped with a 42-gram grip, was designed to work in conjunction with the R580 head to deliver optimum performance in terms of control and distance.
  • Tour proven exotic shafts are also available. the specs: 45.5-inches long: lofts include 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12.0; flexes include L, M, R, S and TS. the player:
  • The perfect choice for golfers seeking a higher launch angle without added spin for maximum distance

The R580 TP Drivers usually retail at around $300.00